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My art gallery consists of photography, traditional art, digital art, fan art, and so on. Enjoy my gallery! :D

Do not steal, recolor, or trace over my artwork. You want an art so bad, learn to draw it yourself. You are also not allowed to rip off my Neo Pangaea characters as they are copyrighted to me. Create your own character, don't take someone else.



Aug 20, 2014
6:04 pm
Aug 20, 2014
11:27 am
Aug 20, 2014
2:15 am
Aug 19, 2014
9:55 pm
Aug 19, 2014
5:35 pm

Note on my Critique Box

I want my critique's to be harsh and blunt on my critique box, not praise. Why? I want to get better at drawing humans and animals. I don't want to move on unless someone points out my mistakes so I can fix them and not repeat them again in the future.

Why I'm desperate for critique? It's because I started my art business and I don't feel like my artwork is good enough and I want to make it look professional, whether it's cartoon or realism style. If no one critique's me, I'll continue to make mistakes and my art won't change. All I asked is a critique, no more, no less.

Also, if any of you watchers get upset at the deviants that were giving me a harsh critique's that I asked for and accuse them of 'trolling', I would not hesitate to chew you out for your behavior and block you from my page. You are not gonna stop me and anyone else from getting better just because you can't take critique's yourself and believed that me and everyone should not get better, just to make yourself feel good about yourself. I will keep my eyes on the critique boxes and comments in case if any of you get butthurt about it.


As for critiquer's, if any of you get attacked by my watchers or anyone else just for giving me a harsh critique, please note me who they are so I can deal with them myself.

KRITEEK by paramoreSUCKSAss-pat critique by paramoreSUCKS


Back from Homasassa/Ear problem

Tue Aug 19, 2014, 1:51 PM
Hey everyone! I'm back since Sunday evening but didn't get a chance to finish going through all the messages since I only did a few. I'll get to them soon enough.

We caught a lot of scallops on Saturday and it was a nice day out too. :3 The only downside is that later on Saturday afternoon, my right ear hurt like hell. I tried using the ear wax kit to clean it out(I was diving five feet under to hunt for scallops) but that didn't work. I tried other methods and it didn't work either. My ear was in pain as if something was stuck deep in my eardrum and I couldn't hear on my right ear. I couldn't scallop the next day but I did snorkel to see the fishes, scallops, starfish, and Remora sharks.… I would have taken a picture of them but I don't have the underwater camera(the disposable ones don't have a good quality pics).

My ear was in pain throughout the weekend and I had to wait till Monday to go to an ear doctor at two. I went there and he cleaned it out with a special equipment and I can hear again despite the my eardrum still hurts(it doesn't hurt as it used to be). The reason why my right ear hurts is because of years of earwax buildup and the saltwater at the bay is the final straw that broke the camel's back. I can't swim underwater for a week nor snorkel until my ear drum is healed(he says that it's bruised due to earwax build up for years and was putting pressure on it). I had to use ear drops twice a day for the next ten days until it's healed and I have to go back to the doctor in two weeks to check my ear again. From now on, I'm gonna take better care of my ears and use ear plugs from now on.

Before my ear incident, we arrived at Friday afternoon and eat out at the Freezer where they sell seafood. I ate the two King Crab legs and a roast beef sandwich(that didn't taste good but the legs are), a Pepsi, and a beer.

Saturday is when we went scalloping and had a dinner party with our neighbors.

Sunday is when we do more scalloping(I just snorkeled, swam around, and shuck the scallops) then pack up and went home.

While I was up there, I drew about five pics so far since there was no internet nor that there is nothing on TV and I'll upload them soon since I'm finishing them up.

My fan projects

Doctor Who 50th anniversary pic
Sketch: 0%
Line art: 0%
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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Dream Valley Adventures
Chapter 1
Front Cover 100%

Page 1
Sketch: 100%
Lineart: 10%
Color: 0%


My Little Pony

All MLP Gens

Sea Breeze 
Sketch: %100
Color: %30
Shaded: %0
Highlight: %0
Background: 0%

Sketch: %100
Color: %15
Shaded: %0
Highlight: %0
Background: %0

Stuff for friends/deviants

Collab Halloween pic with bork-laser
RE Khonsu:
Sketch: %100
Line art: %100
Color: %100
Shaded: %0

1. btm05 His OC, Carmena the shark
Sketch: %100
Line art: %0
Color: %0
Shaded: %0

2. julyyb His FC, Ciro the Yoshi
Sketch: %100
Line art: %0
Color: %0
Shaded: %0

3. fathom315 His Oc, Faullie the Fox
Sketch: %100
Line art: %0
Color: %0
Shaded: %0

4. tattertotminionHer OC, Pulse the Cat
Sketch: %100
Line art: %100
Color: %100
Shaded: %0

Collab commission pic with nintendrawer
Lineart 5%
Color 0%

Carmena with Nammu 
Sketch: %0
Lineart: %0
Color: %0
Shaded: %0
Highlight: %0
Background: %0

His OC, Luna
Sketch: %5
Lineart: %0
Color: %0

Art Trades
Pic 50% (The sketch is scanned in, just haven't line art and color it yet)

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Our First Family Picture by Chiryoku411

I don't know too much of dragon anatomy but I'll give it a shot. The dragons are nicely colored as well as the bellies and you got the ...

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